We Are Hip Hop Youth Festival

10 for 10 years of Pioneering youth


"When you tell youth that you believe in them; that they can do anything they set their minds to; you have to be prepared to step aside and watch them go."
-Elvia Rodriguez Ochoa

Ten years ago, the We Are Hip Hop Youth Festival was an idea that needed support. Imagine if the adults had said no? An innovative concept may have never happened. 

Fortunately there was a radical approach that took place and this project has since impacted over 225 youth with leadership and summer employment opportunities. Youth have welcomed over 3,000 attendees in those 10 years.

It’s in this spirit that we have looked for ways to grow this program.  We owe a lot to the community, to our donors and funders. We are thankful for the growing network of supporters like you, which have joined us in saying, “Yes!"

We are hitting you up with another radical idea.  We call it 10 for 10 because we are excited for the next ten years.  Join us in celebrating our 10th anniversary by making a gift today.

How much will you give?

$10 That’s a $1 for every year that WRHH has taken place.

 $100 That’s $10 dollars for every WRHH year.

 $1,000 Whoa! We like the vote of confidence.

 Other We get it, you don’t like round numbers. Show us what you have in mind.