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From Student to Crocheting Goddess

Why did you sign up for the Tejer y Poder class?

 Carolina Gallo with  Dreamers pillow   .

Carolina Gallo with Dreamers pillow .

I signed up for Tejer y Poder because my grandma started teaching me to crochet and embroider when I was a kid, but unfortunately I immigrated to the U.S and I stopped learning. So as a way for me to connect to my family roots, I joined Tejer y Poder so I can one day teach my children and keep the family tradition going.

How has the class impacted you?

The class has helped me find a craft that I enjoy. It has also made me more conscious of worker's rights, and makes me think about the sweatshops that might be producing the clothes I buy.

What surprised you about being in the class, if anything?

I was surprised by how supportive my family was for me to learn this craft. It's even to the point that they started crocheting with me, so I can better myself.

What would you say to other youth thinking about taking this class?

Tejer y Poder is a great class, there is no better feeling than being able to wear something you made. It is a good craft to learn, because in the future, when you perfect it, knitting and crocheting could provide an income. So you should definitely take the class.

What are some of the projects you've enjoyed working on?

I enjoyed making my Dia de Muertos project, where I honored my abuelito for the Tejer y Poder banner and marched in the procession with the people from the class. Another favorite is my Dreamers pillow, which I dedicated to all the undocumented students.

What do your parents think about you being part of the Tejer y Poder class?

They love that I am part of the program and are very proud of me for learning the family craft.

Interested in signing up for Tejer y Poder? Visit www.afterschoolmatters.org or call 312-226-7767 for more info.

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