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Knitting Adventures With Miah Banks


This week we are highlighting Miah Banks who enrolled in the Tejer y Poder program and has been participating for the past few weeks. We caught up with Miah to get the scoop on her knitting and crocheting adventures this summer. Here is what she had to say about the projects she’s working on in the Tejer y Poder class.

What are some projects you enjoyed working on in class?

There are multiple projects I enjoyed working on, but a few were the self-portraits we worked on which required embroidery. I had to learn how to embroider in order to complete this project, and I thought it was really fun. This was a different, unique way of showcasing our personalities and what makes us unique as people. It was different from your standard self-portraits, and I greatly enjoyed sewing patterns, pictures and symbols that represented me.

Another project I enjoyed was an independent piece I did with crocheting. I was really proud of myself for completing it.

How has being part of the Tejer y Poder class impacted you?

Intellectually, Tejer y Poder has expanded my views on the DIY (Do-it-yourself) world. I've learned many new skills that benefit me in many ways. Now, I'm able to create my own products as opposed to going to a department store where their items aren't made in the best methods. I could sell my products and make money if I so wished it. Socially, I've made new friends and emotionally, I could say that Tejer y Poder gave me a new outlet to express my love for art and it's a nice way to relieve stress as well.

What would you say to youth thinking about taking this class?

I would tell them TO DO IT. First of all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You can make your own things! You don't have to buy as much stuff anymore because you can make your own unique stuff. You learn so many new skills, and also, you get paid for it. I mean you can't go wrong with money…

What surprised you about being part of this program?

What surprised me the most was that not all of the projects were just about crocheting and knitting. The program teaches you to embroider, to make little plushies, clay making and so many other things. I learned a variety of things besides just knitting and crocheting which I originally thought the whole class would be.

What do your parents think about you knitting and crocheting?

My parents love the fact I'm learning something new and enjoy it at the same time. They like how it's influencing me to actually create my own things. They also like the fact I’m not at home on the computer all day. My grandmother especially approves because these were all things she learned in school as a little girl. She tells me it's so much nicer to make something for yourself that's unique compared to store bought items.

When the class ends what will you do with your new skills?

I think I’m going to go buy some yarn and needles and make hats and scarves and everything else for all of my family members. Then I'll make stuff for all my friends. After this, I don't think I’m going to have to go winter hats and scarves shopping.