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Thelma Uranga

Ovidio Garza, 1994

This photo was taken in 1994 in the front yard of 1838-1840 S. Allport. Construction was beginning for a stairway in the front yard.  In the photograph is Ovidio Garza, born in Monterrey Mexico and married in Harlingen, Texas.  He moved to Pilsen in 1964 with his wife and 5 children.  Four years later, in 1968 he bought his first home on 1838 S. Allport, later he purchased two neighboring buildings for his family. The homes are now the infamous strip of red homes on South Allport.  His family remembers him as a humble and giving man who worked as a Chicago Housing Authority plumber and had a passion for gardening.  He enjoyed biking through the neighborhood and you could always find him socializing at the 18th Street bus stops.  He had total of 7 children who still live in these homes.  He is remembered as a loving father, grandfather & husband who passed September 3, 2001.