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5 Things Every 8th Grader Should Know

By Tyra Hazziez

Eighth grade was one of my best and favorite school years. It wasn’t because I thought I was all grown up and I could do whatever. It was because my hard work paid off. I learned that success and goals are so vital to a good life. You can’t always go with the flow and have fun, sometimes you have to plan ahead and work hard. Eighth grade was a true-life experience that has helped me develop into the person I want to be and the person I am. Here are five tips to make your year as great as mine:

1. Work Hard, Play Hard
This phrase simply means that as long as you work hard the opportunity to play hard will come easy because hard work pays off. Eighth grade year is a year where as soon as you walk into your homeroom you’re in competition for the biggest prize of those eight years you spent in school: valedictorian/salutatorian. Teachers are looking for winners, not slackers who can’t tell when it’s time to be serious and get the job done. Be that winner.

2. Remember, Completion Is The Goal, Fulfillment Is The Reward
Complete every task on time! This is so important. When you’re a person known for unfinished business it says a lot about your future and it doesn’t speak good things. Unfinished business creates unfinished rewards and last time I checked an A or a B is the highest level of completion.

3. Make Meaningful Friendships
Your friends are a representation of who you are and who you want to be. Make friends that benefit you, your goals and your career. Make true, honest friendships with people who lift your spirit, not friendships with people who live for the day you fail—those people do exist.

4. Prepare For High School
It will be here before you know it: prepare for it. Know what the rules are at your high school. What are the typical GPA andACT? What extracurricular activities does your school have? What scholarships are given and what do you have to do to receive one? These are vital questions that would definitely prepare you for high school.

5. Be a Positive Leader
High school is full of positive and negative leaders. Be someone others can look up to for great and optimistic advice. Start early, start in eighth grade. Become someone who is known for their dependability and that will help lead others to success.

These things made me who I am today. Today, I am the new and approved Tyra Hazziez with goals and an eye on success. I didn’t make it here by accident. I didn’t graduate by being lazy. I did it with hard work, leadership skills, meaningful friendships and completion skills. Be a great success before high school. Start now, prepare now in your 8th grade year.

Tyra Hazziezis a freshman at Neal F. Simeon High School with many goals and a bright future. She loves dancing, playing volleyball and designing clothing. In her senior year at Simeon High School she hopes to receive many scholarships including the Bill Gates scholarship, which will assist in continuing her education. After college she plans on opening a non-profit organization, which will be both a dance studio and a clothing line.