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Makeup Monday Week 3

Red, black, and white are looking deadly inspiring in this week’s Makeup Monday. You can see how this makeup artist on Youtube names, Shonagh Scott, created this fun Sugar Skull look. She adds beautiful flowers that makes the red in her makeup standout. The idea of incorporating the red gemstones makes her eye makeup look interesting and creates a sense of depth. By adding the spider web design, cracks on the jar, and cute swirls, it really takes the makeup up to the next level. Check it out! 

Check out Shonagh Scott’s looks on her channel! She not only rocks at making Sugar Skulls but has created inspiring looks from the film, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Egyptians, Comic book art, Superman, and much more. Her Halloween/SFX Makeup Tutorials are stunning. I recommended viewing those to see how makeup really is another form of art. Along with doing Halloween/SFX Tutorials, she also has beauty tips, tricks, and tutorials. Her channel provides videos every Sunday! Check to see what else she has going on in her channel with the link below! 

Hope You Enjoyed This Week's Makeup Monday! See You Next Week!!



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Shonagh Scott Youtube Halloween/SFX Videos: