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ElevArte's Summer Intern Arrives From China!

This month ElevArte Community Studio will host a new intern from Hong Kong; we are delighted to welcome Crystal Lee she will be working with us on our summer programs. To introduce you to her we did a little interview and here is what she had to say...


What school do you go to and what is your major?

I am a second year Integrated Communication Management major student in Hong Kong Baptist University.

Why did you decide to intern at a nonprofit organization?

Nonprofit organizations are dedicated to changing a belief or something that is more related to the community so it provides greater opportunities to assist other people and help lift them to higher levels in their life and this gives me satisfaction.

What has surprised you about Chicago?

Chicago has got so many different kinds of architecture and art works. People are so nice and enthusiastic and the lifestyle here is quite different from Hong Kong. Chicago is so relaxing while Hong Kong is a bit tense as people are living in a fast paced environment. Also, Hong Kong is much smaller so we can reach different places in a short time but here it takes a longer time to get to  places and people prefer to walk for short distance.

How do you hope to contribute to the work ElevArte does?

I am willing to learn new things and my ability to work well in a group, and I hope that I can help to add some special thoughts and assist in the events too.

How do you hope working with the ElevArte staff will impact you?

I hope at the end I can learn some Spanish and start to understand and communicate with the staff in this language, and, of course, learn some practical skills and enjoy the brand new working experience in Chicago.

How have the arts impacted you?

I have learned dancing in Hong Kong for few years and I can express my feelings through dancing, no matter if it's a happy piece or a moody piece. Every time I dance, I feel so confident and I want to share my feelings through my body movements. I just feel so relieved and refresh every time I finish dancing.