In-School Time Residencies and Art Labs

Our School Residency programs present important education and outreach opportunities, allowing us to provide a wider scope of individuals with boosted learning through arts education. These residencies serve preK – 9 grades, teach key arts skills while also reinforcing and integrating with core curriculum in science and language arts. An overarching program goal for our school residencies is to develop students’ critical and creative thinking abilities through asking and answering essential questions in their art and science investigations and leadership and literacy skills through their investigation of drama tools, mentoring and reading opportunities. 

  • ART OF CHANGE is our flag-ship In-School Time residency, an inquiry based program that directly integrates science learning through art lab for grades 1 – 6.  Art of Change offers hands-on clay workshops to aide in comprehension of earth science curriculum and circus and performance arts give students new avenues to build connections with astronomy lessons.
  • PEER MENTORSHIP DRAMA RESIDENCY A reader’s theatre experience is taken to the next level.   Inter-grade collaboration provides students with an opportunity to take performance and directing skills and apply them to the production of book-to-play adaption—this component allows older grades to learn about accountability and mentorship. An expansion of a drama and literacy integration program that ElevArte started at Cooper Dual Language Academy five years ago and has continued growing at additional schools. 
  • CUSTOM ART LABS We can consult with a school on custom art residencies that address a preferred goal and/or focus. These have included Illinois Art Council and Illinois Humanities Council residencies.  ElevArte also offers the following supplemental programming as the need and/or opportunity arises to those listed above:
  • Art Labs: After-school workshops that enhance student learning at school residency programs listed above.
  • Parent Arts Workshops: Guide and engage parents in their child’s learning. 
  • Professional Development Workshops: Present educators with strategies for integrating and assessing arts in the classroom. CPDU learning opportunities.
  • ElevArte Ensemble: A bilingual and bicultural theatre troupe with an evolving performance repertoire that is designed to complement School Residency Programs.  

For more information on In-School Program Art Residencies please contact Stephanie Barragan, Education Programs Manager at 312-226-7767 or