Journeys/Migrations and the Document

Stephanie Barragan

"Friday Nights" a Fall 2011 Project at Pros Arts Studio

“Friday Nights” is an 8-week photographic journey taken on by 13 young participants as part of a digital photography apprenticeship program. Our goal is to explore one night of the week every week in order to understand the happenings, activities and actions found in the streets of the Pilsen and surrounding area of the city. This project is as much about the neighborhood and the city as it is about street photography and the journey. Part of that time we were joined by guests young and old, out in the streets taking photographs along with us. WE were joined by Xotchil Ramirez from DePAul University that was excited to see us out working and felt the urge to tag along with us for several nights. On our last night together Xotchil shared some of her work with us that she recently competed for one of her classes.

Overall the experience was amazing, every week discovering something new in the neighborhood. Students experienced the challenges of working in the streets, talking with people and discussing their work. Sometimes they were received with open arms but others were not as successful when wanting to enter a space and photograph. Almost every night was a learning experience, and we shared our night with some light eats at the Jumping Cafe or Steak-N-Egger to finish our before our journeys home. So please enjoy our hard work and photographs!

"Journeys/Migrations and the Document” is a digital photography program that introduces students to the medium through various conceptual practices. By creating both individual projects and collaborative public works, students focus on the concepts of journeys and migrations while practicing subaltern ways of making a document." - Anthony Marcos Rea, Teaching Artist

Teaching Artist,

Anthony Marcos Rea


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