Journeys/Migrations and the Document

Stephanie Barragan

Matthew Sanchez - Summer 2012

Most of my work is based on pictures, or subjects, of people in their everyday lives or at festivals, or that have a normal pattern or no particular pattern at all. My motivation (inspiration) is that I was always interested in things that were or looked out of place and for the people my friends have helped me overcome my shyness. These images are important to me because I am paid to do this but it can be about the fun and not just the money. Some of the challenges that i had was to get the right picture, I just had to get the picture alone without no reflection, extra lights, or people in the background then I was ordered to edit the picture in by changing the lights and shadows and before that I had to black and white it. After the challenges I had, at least ten times for each picture, I was able to get the perfect shot. If I am going to do this some other time I see myself doing this again but in another part of the city.