Stephanie Barragan

Each One/Reach One....

The Teen Arts Mentorship Program at Pros Arts Studio (PAS for short)! That's who we are and this blog is intended to lay out the deal with all of our participants and guests (you) who are looking for a little information, wondering about any updates, meetings, art opportunities, maybe even a little employment info or just have a few minutes to skim this thing and find something they are looking for! We are 13 youth and 13 Artist Mentors strong.... with a few others that just hang out with us (we're always looking for more). We are students at Juarez Community Academy, Whitney Young High School, Lane Tech High School and a private school (nice)... We are also Artist Mentors that paint, teach, photograph, knit, Direct (PAS & Yollocalli), crunch numbers, design, tattoo, install unsolicited urban artwork (graffiti) and many other things! We Are Cool.... at least during the Winter months because come Summer we are - HOT!

This is us below.....

[caption id="attachment_28" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="This is our logo..... look for us!"][/caption]