Stephanie Barragan

College Tours & Open House

Hello Ya'll!
Thanks to all of you that came out to the Reflection Meeting last night - it was a fun meeting as we explored the word "barely" and it's many uses/variations.
The Illinois Institute of Art
I hear that this Saturday (06-18) that The Illinois Institute of Art is having an Open House for their Culinary & Hospitality Management department along with the Design, Media Arts & Fashion departments. If anyone is interested (Nevi) let me know or Mentors? If you have some time, this can be something to check out with your Mentee. I'm free Saturday if anyone is down to go just let me know by Thursday!
You can click on the link below for more information or to register:
Northeastern Illinois University
I been mentioning this to a few of you for a while now but TUESDAY (06-28) starting at 11am we have a college tour scheduled at Northeastern Illinois University. For all those attending City College next year or will be Seniors in HS, a little college tour here and there could be very informative for you. I need at least ten (10) of our youth to sign up so we can go. I got one (hey Laura!). Any others? I'll be calling (harassing you) in the next couple of days to determine interest. Mentors - if you're interested in tagging along by all means!
Here's a link to the school's website to learn more:
Alright - It's late/early and I have to go!