Stephanie Barragan

Mentorship Updates - MCA, Cyanotypes, Art&Grind and more!

Summer Greetings Everyone! I hope all is well – this looks like a great start to a beautiful summer, let’s just see if the weather gods can maintain this for us all. I wanted to let everyone know about a few updates for all of our Mentees and Mentors.

July 23rd, we have planned a field trip for everyone to head over to the Museum of Contemporary Art. We will meet up at 12:30pm at the Pink Line 18th Street Stop and head on over to the MCA. It closes at 5pm on Saturday so It will be a short, quick visit and maybe we can grab dinner – the dinner is a maybe! Let’s just see who all shows up!

So recap!

  • Saturday, July 23rd – 2011
  • Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago Visit
  • 12:30pm – 5pm (dinner if we get a crowd - I like salads)
  • RSVP with me at #773-865-2000 or at my email:
  • Art& Grind Panel #2 “Street vs Studio: Artists Inspired By and Making from the Urban Environment”
  • Featured Artists: Maria Gaspar, Adriana Baltazar, Luis De La Torre
  • Starts Promptly at 5pm and goes till 6:30pm
  • Dvorak Park - Studio Space, 1119 West Cullerton Street - Chicago

Mentor, Adriana Baltazar has offered to do a Cyanotype Print workshop during the Project Space. Waiting for her to give me a few dates before I send that out but these are really cool prints using light. Fun stuff – When I know more – you’ll know more!

And if anyone has any suggestions for additional trips, please send them this way. Delilah Salgado mentioned a visit to Rotofugi. This place has some really great vinyl toys for sale and tons of cute buttons – Go Buttons! So as soon as we can get that together – I say we go.

Da' Coordinator,

Each One/Reach One Teen Arts Mentorship Program