Stephanie Barragan

Art&Grind Panel #3 featuring Laura Vergara & Juan Arevalo

So it all went down this past Wednesday! Two artists, Laura Vergara and Juan Arevalo stopped by to talk to students about the graphic design and illustration fields. The night was field with lively discussion and questions about navigating your own work and the expectations of working with clients and client “wants”. Each artist brought their own perspective and offered students some amazing insights in what to expect and be aware of as they decide to enter into the field of graphic arts/illustration. This is where I wished I had a video camera set on record. Parting Tips: Before leaving I asked the panel of artists if they could offer one or two tips to the audience about the these fields. Both artists agreed that looking at and studying as much art as you can, look at specific artists that interest you and draw. All of this will make you a better artist and that much more prepared than the next guy.

With that said, Pros Arts Studio would like to thank both Laura Vergara and Juan Arevalo for taking the time to visit with us and talk to us about what they do. We also want to thank Yollocalli Arts Reach and our amazing Mentor, Vanessa Sanchez for offering the space for the panel.

Stay tuned for more information about the next panel or click on the page above to learn more! If you're an Artist and would like to participate in a future panel, you can contact Anthony Rea at: for more information.

See you soon!