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Year One - The Each One/Reach One Teen Arts Mentorship Year-end Review!

[slideshow] The Each One/Reach One Teen Arts Mentorship program has been busy connecting our youth with summer employment and job training opportunities, art and career professionals, alongside financial literacy and money management workshops. We witnessed three of our students transition from high school to college and who are now attending a local city college and private liberal arts colleges. Our youth have been connected with additional resources and opportunities outside of Pros Arts Studio. What we have seen since the start of the mentorship program is that we are able to serve our youth with a dedicated staff member as their first contact and line of support. We dedicate more time to general support in with extracurricular activities, community resources,  and college planning; an overall larger time and personal commitment than we have been able to offer before.

This past fall was met with some program down time but mentors stayed busy with their mentees attending area cultural arts centers, career planning over coffee, college planning for those that are in their senior year of high school and more general support to students. We also gained five new student participants to the program that have all been partnered allowing us to maintain fourteen active mentorship pairs.

In October we initiated a collaborative art project for all mentorship pairs. “The Exquisite Print” is a screen-printing and t-shirt design initiative where all program participants work together to create a t-shirt graphic following an exquisite corpse approach. The goal behind this project is to strengthen relationships and build a collaborative working practice between students and mentors. The project introduces teens to a popular graphic arts technique and an income generating opportunity once they master the process. The final designs and t-shirts will be sold during the Pros Arts Studio annual benefit in 2012.

During December we formally organized our first ever Youth Art Board made up of current and former mentorship program participants. The Youth Art Board is an opportunity to further support our college age and high school students while developing leadership skills. With formal board goals and responsibilities still in the planning stage; we ultimately plan for the YAB to serve as youth ambassadors for Pros Arts Studio and represent youth voices in the planning of community programs and mentorship program activities. Our first goal for the Youth Art Board is to begin planning our second Art&Grind panel series for 2012. In the summer of 2011 Pros Arts Studio initiated an artist panel series intended to connect area youth with professional artists, designers and other creative professionals that would share their experiences, artwork, educational and career paths. We hosted 15 artist and art professionals whose work ranged between film & video, graphic design and illustration, public art, grafitti, fine arts and photography. Spread out over 6 panels we are looking at our new Youth Art Board to plan the summer 2012 line up.

So we've been busy - doing our thang' and having a great time in the process. We are very excited to see what new things happen this coming year. If you are interested or know a young person that would benefit from participating in the program, please feel free to download the 08-11 Program Application-Description. If you are a creative arts professional that feels they have some experience and time to offer, you can download the 2011 Call for Mentors-Application.

The Each One/Reach One Teen Arts Mentorship Program links cultural, educational and arts professionals with Pros Arts Studio teens interested in furthering their educational careers. By targeting both arts-minded and non arts-minded youth, the Each One/Reach One Program will offer workshops, training, youth development and youth leadership opportunities along with additional events and programs to help build each student’s interest and capabilities as they decide their educational and career paths.

The Pros Arts Studio Each One/Reach One Teen Arts Mentorship Program is funded by the Crown Family Foundation, Field Foundation, Lumpkin Family Foundation, Alphawood Foundation and the Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust. We thank you for all your support!

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