Stephanie Barragan

First Meetings of the Year - Mentorship & Youth Art Board!

[slideshow] 2012 is going in the right direction! This past Saturday - Jan 14th we had an opportunity to meet for our monthly mentorship meeting and we tried to change it up a bit. We also welcomed several new students and their mentors to the program with a fun icebreaker to get us talking and laughing. Here are a few images for Saturday meet and greet, if you pay close attention you can check out the things we want to do together. If you're wondering about the yarn - no warn was wasted in the process of this meeting!

I also had a chance to catch up with your newly formed Youth Art Board members here at Pros Arts Studio yesterday. We spent our MLK holiday talking about and planning workshops and the upcoming Art&Grind panel series. What better way to spend holiday but talking about ways we can provide resources and education/career information to area youth. So be on the lookout for upcoming events from the Pros Arts Studio Youth Art Board!


Anthony Rea, Mentorship

Program Coordinator



The Program:

The Each One/Reach One Teen Arts Mentorship Program links cultural, educational and arts professionals with Pros Arts Studio teens interested in furthering their educational careers. By targeting both arts-minded and non arts-minded youth, the Each One/Reach One Program will offer workshops, training, youth development and youth leadership opportunities along with additional events and programs to help build each student’s interest and capabilities as they decide their educational and career paths.

The Pros Arts Studio Each One/Reach One Teen Arts Mentorship Program is funded by the Crown Family Foundation, Field Foundation, Lumpkin Family Foundation, Alphawood Foundation and the Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust. We thank you for all your support!