Pilsen, Presente

An oral history project honoring the memory of our family & friends.

Pilsen, Presente, is an oral history project and a part of ElevArte’s Dia De Muertos celebration.  The goal of this project is to capture and relay neighborhood history through photographs.  It is an opportunity for community members to document their own history while honoring the memory of friends and family.  Past and present residents of Pilsen are invited to share photographs that have history and ties to the neighborhood.  

Do you have a photograph that you would like to share with us? ElevArte is currently accepting submissions. Selected photos will be printed large scale (5X6 feet) and installed on fences, buildings, storefronts throughout Pilsen, specifically along the community procession route for ElevArte’s Dia De Muertos event.

To submit a photograph:

Submit photographs now through 10/07/16 to info@elevartestudio.org. If your photo is selected, we will ask you to bring the photo to ElevArte so we can scan it at a high resolution. Submissions are incomplete until photos are received.

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