Programs Overview

ElevArte offers an extensive menu of education arts programs. These include out-of-school time youth art labs, in-school art residencies, a mentorship program. and our teen apprenticeships.


Out-of-school art Labs

Our out-of-school time programs that run up to five days per week, in 6 to 12 week sessions. Art workshops are taught by professional artists and are FREE and presented with the help of our principal partner, Dvorak Park, where we are the Arts Partners in Residence. Occasionally we operate select programs at satellite sites with partnering neighborhood agencies, schools and community organizations.  Learn more.

In-School Time and Art Lab Residencies

Our School Residency programs present important education and outreach opportunities, allowing us to provide a wider scope of individuals with boosted learning through arts education. These residencies serve preK – 9 grades, teach key arts skills while also reinforcing and integrating with core curriculum in science and language arts. An overarching program goal for our school residencies is to develop students’ critical and creative thinking abilities through asking and answering essential questions in their art and science investigations and leadership and literacy skills through their investigation of drama tools, mentoring and reading opportunities. Learn more.

Each One/Reach One

The Each One/Reach One Teen Arts Mentorship Program links adult professionals with ElevArte teens interested in furthering their educational careers. The Each One/Reach One Program offers workshops, training, youth development and youth leadership opportunities to help each student explore their interests and capabilities as they decided their educational and career paths. This program helps ElevArte reach and serve young adults that are exploring their post-secondary education and career paths and provides them with support and resources that will aid them in making informed choices. Learn more.

teen apprenticeships

ElevArte offers paid opportunities to teens via After School Matters (ASM) programs. These apprenticeships are a chance for teens to learn a new skill and meet youth from all over the city, while preparing for college and careers. Learn more.