See what Elevarte teens are up to. Check out their blogs for insight on their latest thoughts, videos and photos. 

Tejer y Poder

Check out the latest creations of our knitting and crochet class, see what inspires them and be sure to check out the how to videos. The Knit & crochet apprentices learn and practice traditional and contemporary forms as a means to explore cultural identity, labor and social issues. This blog is used by the apprentices to document knitters and crocheters in their communities and families, in order to share the different experiences behind the craft. 

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Journeys/Migrations and the Document

Stay on top of the latest journey of our photography students as they conceptualize and develop a vision. This digital photography program introduces students to the medium through various conceptual practices. By creating both individual projects and collaborative public works, students focus on the concepts of journeys and migrations while practicing subaltern ways of making a document. 

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We Are Hip Hop Festival

Promoting community awareness and togetherness as well as peace, the We Are Hip Hop Festival showcases up-and-coming Chicago talent such as rappers, breakdancers, graffiti artists, spoken word artists, and more. Stay in tuned with the youth as they reflect on their learning and journey to develop, promote, and document the festival. 

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Each One/Reach One Mentorship

The Each One/Reach One Teen Arts Mentorship Program links cultural, educational and arts professionals with ElevArte Community Studio teens interested in furthering their educational careers. By targeting both arts-minded and non arts-minded youth, the Each One/Reach One Program will offer workshops, training, youth development and youth leadership opportunities along with additional events and programs to help build each student’s interest and capabilities as they decide their educational and career paths. This blog shares mentor reflections and information on upcoming meetings, workshops and other opportunities. 

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