Tejer y Poder

Stephanie Barragan

Atzimba, a crafty woman

by Ana Artiaga [slideshow]

Atzimba Tzintzun is the person I chose to interview for my Tejer y Poder documentation project,  she is my godmothers daughter-in-law. Atzimba is 34 years old from Morelia Michoacan,Mexico. She recently moved to Chicago from Morelia with her family. She is married and has two daughters and is a stay at home mom.  And as other members of the family she is able to communicate in a dialect (Purechepe) and knows spanish as well. Atzimba hopes to learn English and is always working on do it yourself projects.

How did you learn to crochet and knit?

I learned in the 2nd grade of school, when my sister-in-law’s grandmother offered this workshop class to the local children.

How many years have you been crocheting/ knitting?

I have been crocheting/ knitting about 26 years.

What is the importance of crochet/knit for you?

The importance of crochet and knit for me is that I know I continued the tradition of learning new material that has been passed down.

How do you feel that crochet/knit help you in an everyday basis?

These activities help me in an everyday basis by providing an extra economic income once my pieces are finished and purchased by others.

Do you have any relatives whom crochet/knit as well?

My mother also knows how to crochet and knit.

Any Important memories created by this art? Special Projects?

I was able to make my youngest daughter a blanket which was significant.

Currently, I’m working on making a blanket for my soon to be born nephew.

Do you wish this is an activity/art form that should be continued by other generations? Why or why not?

Yes, I do believe this is something that should be continued by other generations. They will learn something new and place it to good usage. Unfortunately, my oldest daughter is not interested in learning up to this date.

Do you continue to do these handcrafts in present day? If not, what are the reasons?

Yes, I do continue to knit and crochet in present day. In addition I also know how to do punta de cruz and knit on a knitting loom.