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Networking with Anni Holm

Interview by Tashara Corgwell Anni Holm is a very talented artist. She has piece called NetWorking that our Asm group, Tejer y Poder was allowed to participate by knitting on to it . I really enjoyed having Anni as a guest at our Pros Arts Studio. I was able to interview Anni via text and email, our conversation is below.

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Q:How long have you been knitting? A:Since I was about 6 years old, now I'm 33.

Q:Where was your 1st piece or artwork displayed and when? A:In a local grocery store, when I was 12 years old.

Q:What was it and where was the store (city, state, and community)? A:In Harridslev, the small town where I went to school back in Denmark. The store's name was Brugsen. My artwork hang over the freezer. It was a painting of a vampire.

Q:How did you start knitting and who encouraged you to knit? A:My grandmother and my mother taught me when I was little, I'm not sure if I wanted to learn because I saw them knit or they just thought I should learn. We also had to learn in school in home ed when I was 12.

Q:What's your inspiration or motivation for knitting? A: My motivation to incorporate knitting in my art in the first place, dealt with the idea of creating a space for people to sit down and meet. I think more and more of my artwork deals with trying to bring people together that otherwise wouldn't have had a chance to meet. As I mentioned in my talk the other day, I am very interested in the possibilities that happens when you meet a new person. Sometimes it is hard to just meet someone, so my projects intend to create that opportunity. Knitting usually requires that you sit down and that you work in a repetitive motion, which in turn tend to relax people. I think that this platform, (relaxed knitters) creates the perfect opportunity to meet, getting to know and communicate with people you otherwise wouldn't have. I believe that communication is the key to solving a lot of problems in this world.

I don't have a plan to retire from knitting, I'll keep knitting until I cannot get my arms, hands and fingers to cooperate with the knitting needles and yarn.

The last question is kind of tricky, I would like to believe I could help you become a more advanced knitter, but it is really up to you. Things in life is really about if you want to, if you decide you want to and stick to it you can. The mind is limiting in so many ways, that it is important to keep learning and expanding and believing in yourself, otherwise it will slowly implode on you and tell you otherwise which doesn't lead to good things. Keep your mind open and continue to be curious, it will get you much further than you think.

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