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Stephanie Barragan

Lost in Translation

by Jonathan Chacon Lost in Translation is a documentation of the language barrier between my mother and I. Being the son of a mother who only speaks Spanish one would believe that I would have learned Spanish, but sadly I did not, and this was my fault. Growing up in the United States, I chose to believe that my Mexican culture needed to be camouflaged in order to be accepted by the Americans, but resulted in a communication between my mother and I that is almost non-existent. As I reflect, I wish I would have embraced my Mexican culture because it would have ultimately allowed me to hear first-hand how my mother learned to crochet.  To illustrate the communication barrier between us, I asked my mother to write down the story of how she learned to crochet in Spanish.  I then took the text and plugged it into Google translator.  The result a translation that is poorly-written and confusing.