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Stephanie Barragan

My Cousin Cashia Crochets

by Jameka Scarbough [slideshow]

I decided to document my cousin Cashia because she was the only person in my family that took crochet serious. It was actually hard to interview her because she lives in Indiana an I live in Chicago but we were able to talk on the phone for a little while.

NAME:Cashia Brown AGE:15

QUESTION: When did you start to crochet? ANSWER: I started in 2006.

QUESTION: Who encouraged you to crochet? ANSWER: I learn from my nanny,which is my babysitter.

QUESTION: Did you take it serous or were you just doing it to be doing it? ANSWER: I was just doing it just to waste time but found out that it was interesting and also a good hobby.

QUESTION:What have you made so far? ANSWER: I made Purses,a quilt, and scarf.

QUESTION:What would you like to make with all your heart? ANSWER: A dress for my first daughter.