Tejer y Poder

Stephanie Barragan

My newfound neighbor

by Stephany Garcia

This summer not only did I learn about history and the culture of knit and crochet, but I also learned about my community. There are certain things one will never know unless they go out of their way and ask or discover what’s really out there. This year I wanted to do something special, in all of my summer years I never experienced anything so fascinating. Our instructors Thelma and Irasema told us that for our Tejer Y Poder program we were to document a person from our community, family, or church member, etc. I asked around in my neighborhood to see if anyone shared what I just learned; luckily I found someone through my neighbor who recommended me to another woman who lives just three houses away. I was amazed to find how we can be so close to others but know very little or nothing about them. This is my interview with Barbara, my newfound crafty neighbor:

Q. How did you start knitting or crocheting?

A. My mother was the one who taught me.

Q. How old were you when you first started?

A. I was 10 years old.

Q. What made you want to knit/crochet?

A. My mother encouraged me to learn.

Q. Do you still knit/crochet?

A. Yes I still do, although my hands get tired faster now.

Q. How does knitting/crocheting makes you feel?

A. It makes me feel very relaxed; I have the patience for it.

Q. Have you ever sold or given away any of your pieces?

A. Yes, I have sold and given away some of my pieces.

Q. What do you gain from knitting/crocheting?

A. I benefit enjoyment.

Q. Do you plan on teaching your grandchildren how to knit/crochet?

A. Yes I have already taught my granddaughter how to make chains.