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Stephanie Barragan

Natalia: a Student with Many Talents

by Celeste Alsina [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aexWHyIGEM]


Natalia Arana is a twenty year old student in Chicago where she attends UIC. I met her through the youth group of my church, Maranatha Ministries, and read on her Myspace page that she liked to create. I have participated in many creative activities with Natalia through our church such as talent shows, dances, and taking part of the Drama Team. Recently I found out we had a common interest in knitting when I overheard one of our leaders suggest that Natalia knit a gift for an elderly woman that our group of girls would be visiting that month. I always wondered the story behind Natalia's talent for knitting but never had the chance to ask her until this documentation project came along.