We Are Hip Hop Festival

Irasema Gonzalez

Do you need DIRECTIONS?

Saturday is only a few days away and we are so excited, we can’t even wait!

If you don’t already know the festival is from 1p.m to 6p.m at 1119 W. Cullerton in the back fields of Dvorak Park which is technically closer to Cermak and May St if you are familiar with this part of town.

Now lets discuss transportation, shall we? 

Our Address is: 1119 W. Cullerton St, Chicago, IL, 60608

I want to make this as easy for you as possible so not only have I provided special direction links that tell you which way to go but also provided directions below. 

If you have any problems please call us at our office (312) 226-7767

Are you driving?

Sure there are plenty of parking spaces on all streets surrounding the park!

All along 18th Street,
S. Carpenter St
S. May St,
W. Cullerton
W. 21st Street
there is car parking. 

Arrive early cause parking is first come first serve
Please be aware of signage and permit parking on certain residential streets as well as pay boxes. 

Although there are plenty of parking spaces we highly suggest to save gas and ride a bike, walk, or take CTA!

Are you taking lovely CTA?

We are off the CTA Cermak Bus 21

Stops (Depends on which direction you are coming from)

Stop ID: 6857,  Cermak and May St. (Coming from East Side going West)

Stop ID: 6943, Cermak and Carpenter St (coming from West Side going East) 

We are off the CTA 18th Bus 18

Stops: 18th and May St.

Are you walking or biking??

Just walk down the South sides of either Carpenter or May St and listen for that good music. It will be behind the park house.

There will be Signs directing you to the festival off of the busy streets, just keep your eyes peeled :)

P.S There is no parking allowed on Park District Property

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