We Are Hip Hop Festival

Irasema Gonzalez

How the WRHH experience has changed me

Aleax “La Lexy” Mejia, Promo Pros Intern

As a Promo Pros intern, our job is to promote the We R Hip Hop Festival to the community and reach out to radio stations, news reporters and even newspapers. Hip hop to me is the community that all shares common interests which is of the four elements of hip hop: Graffiti, MC, breakdance, & disk jockeying. Hip-hop has and always will come from people who are born out of struggle in the slums of the greatest cities such as Chicago. Hip-hop was born as a means to escape the oppression that has been put onto minorities, and through this we have gained a new sense of being in a community in which each individual will be there for any other from this community. It has joined people from all over the world with the same issues and almost the same experiences.

I rap, I write graffiti and I breakdance. Hip-hop is nothing new to me seeing how the elements have come to me naturally. It was inevitable that hip-hop would become a huge part of my life because of the common grounds I have with the lyrics that I listened to as a kid. I was raised on 90’s West Coast Hip-hop by my uncle, listening to classics by Wu-Tang to gangster rap by Killarmy and rappers from Deathrow.

The We R Hip Hop Festival is just another experience that has introduced me to more people and taken me to farther places. Just recently I attended Cypher Adikts Chicago, and Redbull BC One 2012, which was the highlight of my summer because of the positive energy that was involved. Hip-hop promotes creativity, passion, unity, dedication, talent showcasing, and putting yourself out there shamelessly. By having Chicago based artists for the We R Hip Hop festival helps our fellow hip-hop heads further their personal passions for hip-hop and invites from all over Chicago to enjoy this experience. The festival is youth run which makes the entirety of it genuine.

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