We Are Hip Hop Festival

Irasema Gonzalez

- Kuumbalynx -

See their performances at: http://www.youtube.com/watch

For over two decades Chicago Hip Hop has had a presence of its own. Chicago has strived to preserve the origins of urban and cultural arts and continued to develop the Hip-Hop tradition. Chicago has produced exceptional artists in the elements of dance, visual & performance art, and music production. Chicago Artists and active Hip-Hop participants have existed through community groups such as Kuumba Lynx.

A critical component of all KL programs is the ever evolving discussions not only on the practice of Hip Hop Arts and Education, but also on the ways in which urban arts can be effectively utilized as a source of social empowerment on the local and global level.

Twitter: @kuumbalynx

Facebook: /kuumba.lynx

(Bio recovered from: kuumbalynx.org)

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