We Are Hip Hop Festival

Irasema Gonzalez

My First Experience

My name is Laura I participated in the WE Are Hip Hop festival last year in 2010. The event last was a good turn out but this year will be a way bigger! With the help from other organizations, sponsors and those who’ve had much experience with event planning has made this a growing experience and much different from the previous We R Hip-Hop Festivals in past.

This year is a little different, having since the organization divided up the work into two groups: Youth Management Team and Promo Pros. In 2010 and the years before certainly had its up’s and down’s for the main woman: Delilah Salgado and her class. She is the one who started the We R Hip Hop Festival and made it a big event in Pilsen.

Last years event had lots to offer like live graffiti art, dj’s and performers etc. We even reached out to companies to sponsor the event especially companies in our neighborhood. We R Hip Hop Festival is a big thing in the Pilsen community so I hope to see our goals be accomplished this year and hope to see more people to support and continue to support the years to come.

-Laura Najera

We R Hip-Hop Festival Staff

Marketing & Promotions

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