We Are Hip Hop Festival

Irasema Gonzalez

On Thursday the Promo Pros team sent me responses to the question 'What is your purpose in being apart of WRHH?' here are their responses:

My purpose in being here is to spread the message and to educate myself in the art(s) of hip-hop. Just as J-Def believed, the overall message of hip-hop should be widely recognized as peace, love, and unity. With this festival comes a sense of community that is not only meant for Pilsen but for the Chicago youth as well. With a sense of community comes a well understanding of who lives within the community and what really matters.” - A. Mejia

My purpose in being here is so I can learn and know more about hip-hop and how it can influence people’s lives.”- L. Chan

My purpose for being here today and in the program is to support the Pilsen community in their passion as well as mine for all types of art. And to contribute to a day of peace and joy. To bring hope to this community.”- K. Franklin

I want to spread the message of what hip-hop truly is and show that for some people its not just a hobby, but a lifestyle.”- B. Alcantar

My purpose for being here today is to help out in communities other than my own and to be apart of something big this summer…”- A. Ali

I’m here today to learn from the program what it it offers such as our guest speakers & movies. It has helped me understand things such as antiviolence and how it relates to rap & art.”- J. Hua

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