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Irasema Gonzalez

Soul of Revelation x Legit : Released 07/14/12 For #New Shit Saturday

This past Saturday, Legit released his new song “Soul of Revelation.” In this song he is talking about the last chapter in the bible. Then he refers to the disciples not God’s disciples but gang disciples. He also speaks upon every one baring arms, meaning everyone has guns. He can relate how somethings are hopeless. He talks about his hungry for something unknown.  Then he turn around and talks about how Christians are quick to criticize. He wants to be forgiven for his past. But he feels like if he goes for forgiveness he will be a hypocrite. He knows how some of his lyrics are disrespectful to his mom. In the end he wants to go to heaven and hope god dose him a favor and let him go to heaven.

to download the song go here!

- Sharde

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